Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Weekly Taster Session starting Easter Monday

The Torwood wheelers club will be starting a taster session from the 9th April, Easter Monday 8:00 - 9:00pm.

Rhoenrad (AKA: wheel, German Wheel or Wheel Gymnastics) is cross between dance, gymnastics, performance and circus. They can be seen performing at the best circuses around the world.

Our experienced coaches will be on hand to help you progress quickly. German wheel is an easy sport to pick up and in no time you will be amazing yourself and everyone else.

Rhoenrads are a fantastic exercise promoting flexibility, body tone strength and agility.

All you need to bring is yourself and secure shoes. Trainers are fine, tennis shoes like Dunlop Green flash or Converse all-stars ideal.

We have a minimum age of 16.

Where: Rendlesham sports centre, Near Woodbridge, Suffolk
When: Mondays 8-9pm – Starting Easter Monday - 9th April
Cost: It will cost no more than £3:50 per session, dropping if there is more demand.

Initially we have planned 4 sessions, we will continue the sessions if they are popular.
Alternatively you could call in on our club night, every Friday 8-9pm.
Make the most of the opportunity to start learning a new fun and unusual sport.

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Dave Richards said...

This sounds really interesting...thanks for posting this...and hey as Easter is approaching really fast also visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!